Solution Selling Programme

Venue: Online and Onsite

Introduction: TBC

About: 4 Modules to be completed over 12 online sessions.

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Time to stop selling products and services, time to sell solutions. Top salespeople provide insights and compelling perspectives on their customer’s challenges and critically how to successfully deal with those challenges. 

Challenger salespeople succeed because of their knowledge and understanding of the market they work in and because of their ability to determine and easily develop effective solutions for their customers.

Is this programme right for you:  Do you need to step back from your day-to-day routines and take a fresh and incisive look at how you sell. Are you ready to challenge yourself to learn and apply the latest thinking in what makes for successful sales people. 

How well has this programme worked:

The course was well designed, paced and held everyone’s attention, with some great informative quotations and explanations. You encouraged interaction early on and the break-out sessions helped me greatly.

am hoping it will motivate all to change or to be more aware of their approach to selling and cement some of the new tools and techniques you identified.

I thought that perhaps the talent insight sessions may throw up some sceptics, but the buy in after receiving their results and the enthusiasm and some new found confidence in the room was evident and amazing.

We have identified areas where it will greatly help us conducting not only our sales team meetings but ongoing communication and one to ones going forward.”

John Hayes, Field Sales Manager Allegro Limited.