Emerging Managers

Venue: Online learning

Induction Date: Friday 29th October, 2pm

Times: 4 modules divided into 12 online sessions of 90 minutes duration

Are you an accidental manager? Everybody who arrives in a management role for the first time, asks themselves what do I do now? The hard work and technical skills that got them the management responsibility are not the skillset necessary to be successful as a manager. This programme enables you to easily acquire the key competencies of an effective people manager.

Is this programme right for you?

This programme is designed for those who have:

  • Assumed a management role
  • Are very experienced in their current role and have been identified as suitable to take on team lead or management responsibilities in the organisation
  • Have supervisory responsibility for fellow colleagues in an informal way

Each module is highly interactive, addressing the following key areas:

Module 1: Effective Team Player

Module 2: Communicating with Impact

Module 3: Understanding Self and Others

Module 4: Time Management and Decision Making

Feedback from previous programs:

  • “All parts of the programme were very useful. Can’t pick out one part. Really enjoyed the practical part.”
  • “Very enjoyable and interactive course.”
  • “I would be very interested in attending any future courses of this type as I found it to be very beneficial.”
  • “I think the fact that it is spread out is great as it allows you to put things into practice before you report back. Thank-you.”
  • “Training was very effective to help me better myself and understand the important needs of staff members. I learned techniques to bring the team together more.”

The Emerging Managers programme has enabled participants to:

Re-enforce and apply the most effective people management skills to get the best from their team and to address issues promptly and effectively.

This programme is accredited by QQI Ireland (formerly FETAC) Component Certificate Level 5 “Effective Team Player”