Leadership in action programme


Well established managers can find it particularly difficult to step into a more leadership focused role as required by the organisation. The well-established habits, behaviours and ways of working that have served a manager well to date, can greatly hinder an individual’s ability to go to the next level of management performance as their behaviours and decision making become more critical. This programme provides participants with a structured measured approach to enable them to successfully deliver the senior leadership roles in the organisation


  • Provide participants with a structured approach to enable them to progress to the next level as they identify and incorporate their critical personal behaviours for effective leadership
  • Support and enable each individual’s ownership for personal growth and development on an-ongoing basis
  • Develop critical capabilities in the following areas:

    1. The behaviours, habits and disciplines of effective leaders
    2. Enhanced understanding and application of proven leadership skills and disciplines
    3. Enabling discipline through people and action

Who is it for?

Well established managers who are now required to step up and become a key member of the organisation’s Leadership team.  Existing Leadership teams looking to fine tune their individual and collective leadership and management capabilities.

How is it delivered?

Developing Leadership capabilities alongside their existing management competencies. Capturing the companies’ specific requirements and tailoring the programme accordingly.

This is a multi-faceted programme delivered through the following:

  • Facilitative Workshops: on developing critical Leadership behaviours and disciplines
  • Executive Coaching: dedicated 1-to-1 support with on-going progress review
1. Leadership in Action
  • Separating Leadership and Management
  • Determine a practical Strategic Framework for the organisation
  • Developing your organisation’s DNA (the emotional enablers which drive commitment)
2. Leading Teams
  • Bringing company values to life – “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast.”
  • Applying the 5 dysfunctions of teams to your organisation to determine practical improvements for all
  • Getting people to do what they are best at on a daily basis – Play to their strengths
3. Understanding Self and Others
  • Understanding individual behaviours and how others respond to them
  • Developing improved personal awareness, behaviours and influencing skills
  • Gaining a greater understanding of team members, how best to both communicate and motivate them
4. Enabling Employee Engagement
  • Develop a clear understanding as to what employee engagement is and how to multiple disciplines to significantly improve the engagement of your team
  • Use of performance management disciplines to support employee engagement
  • Having the difficult conversation and giving feedback”
5. Driving Change and Company Culture
  • Applying Kovey’s framework for change to your organisation
  • The Obstacke is the Way – how to use challenges make improvements
  • Building Collective Resilience
  • Applying a proven methodology to increase creativity and innovation
6. Managing Self (Developing greater awareness and EI)
  • Understanding how our perception limits our response, potentially reducing our impact
  • Understand how are minds striving for certainty and development of habits helps and hinders
  • Determine areas for personal growth and development

The Evidence

“A very strong programme delivered in an open and facilitative format ensuring plenty of lively debate and engagement, well worth it and it is being repeated.”

Gráinne Walsh, Programme Manager, Irish Centre for Business Excellence

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