Capability Development Framework

Re-enforce and apply the most effective people management skills to get the best from their team and to address issues promptly and effectively.

The Capability Development Framework is structured to enable a natural progression for key personnel from their initial management responsibilities to senior leadership roles within the organisation. 

Level 1 and level 2: focus on the development of the key people management skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage people. These levels enable participants to improve performance.  Level 3: focuses on developing effective leadership and management behaviours. Level 3 also challenges the participants to be more strategic in their thinking and to determine how to embed an effective culture within the organisation

The Framework can be deployed internally, allowing for a tailoring of content and emphasis to specific company or sector requirements.  It can also be availed of through open  programmes.  The clients determine which is the best fit for their organisation.



Emerging Managers

QQI Level 5


Frontline Managers

QQI Level 6

The Capability Development Framework for organisations ensures a structured and supportive framework to enable individuals to:

  • Easily develop their confidence and capabilities

  • Reduce stress through increased self awareness and develop the management skills and knowledge to enable them to deal more effectively with the multiple challenges that they face on a daily basis

  • Take greater ownership for career development and progression