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5 Benefits of Management Training in Ireland

A proven factor in the expansion and development of businesses has been management training. In order to aid growth in both small and medium enterprises in Ireland management training is frequently used. We examine five advantages of management training in Ireland in this article.

Improves Management Skills

Management training has a lot of advantages for businesses, and one of the main benefits is that it helps new and existing managers improve their skills. Managers are the drivers of ensuring your company is successful, and with the help of management training, managers can learn how to better lead and manage their teams.

Management training consultants also offer a fresh perspective on day to day management practices, a set of experienced eyes can see things differently. This can help managers identify certain strategies that require slight changes; and find new and better ways to manage their business and teams.

Learn Better Time Management

For managers, time management is key. Managers can acquire good time management, task prioritisation, and delegation skills through business training. These abilities will aid managers in increasing productivity, meeting deadlines, and achieving company objectives.

Get Unmatched Experience

Businesses benefit greatly from working with management training companies like LEAP Leadership. Our seasoned consultants have a wealth of expertise working across many industries. Businesses benefit from this experience by gaining a new perspective on their operations and creating fresh plans. Additionally, management training and consulting firms give businesses access to the newest tools and technologies that can help them stay one step ahead of the competition.

Improves Leadership Skills

Managers must possess strong leadership qualities in order to succeed, and management training can help develop and improve these skills. Managers can learn how to inspire their people, foster trust, and communicate clearly with the help of leadership training. Effective leadership can encourage others to develop their leadership skills and contribute  to a continued positive organisational culture.

Deliver Results

Businesses that use management training properly see improved performance. It aids businesses in creating better plans to optimise their operations, cut expenses, and boost revenue. Our training is built on data-driven insights and tested best practices which are tailored to the unique requirements of your business.  

The advantages of management training for Irish organisations are numerous. Businesses should use management training to assist them reach their goals, from enhancing management and leadership abilities to delivering increased profitability. 

Why Leap Leadership for Management Consulting?

LEAP Leadership is a management consulting and training company that offers a wide range of services to businesses in Ireland. Through their management training programmes, managers can learn how to recognise and address problems that affect the output and success of their teams. They can also learn better time management, task prioritisation, and delegation skills to increase productivity, meet deadlines, and achieve company objectives. 

Irish businesses have benefited greatly from working with LEAP Leadership’s seasoned consultants who have a wealth of expertise working across different industries. This experience provides a new perspective on their operations and helps them create new opportunities. 

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Mastering Leadership: A Guide to Leadership Training

Any business leader who wants to advance their career and organisation should consider leadership training. A blend of technical knowledge, people management abilities, and emotional intelligence is needed to become a more effective leader. The most effective leaders are those who can inspire their team to success by setting a good example, articulating their vision effectively, and leading by example. Investing in leadership training and leadership development can assist you in acquiring the abilities and traits required to be successful in your position.

As a leader, you must continuously hone your leadership abilities and adjust to the shifting landscape. Leadership development programmes may help you improve your leadership abilities and keep one step ahead of the competition, whether you are a brand-new manager or an executive with one or two years experience.

Key Components of Effective Leadership Training

A wide range of subjects should be covered in effective leadership training, such as:

  • Becoming aware of strengths and weaknesses: Leadership requires the ability to recognise one’s own strengths, shortcomings, and blind spots. Leaders can learn to control their emotions, forge deeper connections, and communicate more effectively by increasing their self-awareness.
  • Communication abilities: Trust-building and fostering a positive culture depend on effective communication. Leaders must be able to articulate their ideas clearly, listen intently, and give constructive criticism.
  • People management skills: Leaders must be able to inspire, motivate, and guide their team to success. Diverse people management abilities, including delegation, coaching, and dispute resolution, are needed for this.
  • Strategic thinking: In order to create a clear future vision, leaders must be able to think strategically. Understanding the company environment, market trends, and consumer wants are necessary for this.
  • Decision-making skills: Effective leaders must be able to make decisions swiftly and with sufficient information. This calls for the capacity to compile and analyse data, assess risks, and balance the advantages and disadvantages of various solutions.

Practical Strategies for Developing Your Leadership Skills

Here are some tactics for improving your leadership abilities:

  1. Ask for feedback: Ask your team, your peers, and your mentors for their opinions. This can help you pinpoint your areas for improvement and create a strategy for taking care of those problems.
  2. Self-reflection exercises: Consider your leadership style carefully, and note any areas that require improvement. This can aid in your personal growth and the development of your leadership style.
  3. Seek mentors, coaches, and role models who can provide direction and support. This will enable you to benefit from their knowledge and hone your own leadership abilities.
  4. Read and learn: Take business leadership classes, attend seminars, and read leadership development books. You can do this to stay current with leadership trends and best practises.
  5. Take chances and try new things: Take strategic chances and experiment with different strategies to improve your leadership abilities. You can grow more self-assured and increase your skill set by doing this.

Overcoming Common Leadership Challenges

It’s crucial to be ready to meet the problems that come with leadership head-on. Several typical issues with leadership include:

  • Effective delegation requires leaders to have faith in their team to handle crucial responsibilities. For managers who like to be in charge, this may be difficult.
  • Resolution of issues: Effective leaders are able to handle conflicts and settle disagreements in a respectful and fair manner. Dealing with strong personalities or adverse circumstances might make this harder.
  • Time management: Effective time management and work prioritisation are essential for leaders. Dealing with conflicting requests and short deadlines makes this difficult.
  • Management of change: Effective change management is a skill that leaders must possess in order to guide their teams through uncertain times. When dealing with resistance to change or competing priorities, this can be difficult.

What LEAP Leadership’s Offers

LEAP’s Leadership Management Development programs offer leaders the opportunity to apply proven best practices and disciplines to improve their personal impact and contribution to their company, while also enabling a positive culture across the organisation. Through these programs, leaders can demonstrate and sustain greater leadership and management capabilities, promote leadership development in others, and improve resilience in themselves and their team.

Individuals participating in LEAP’s personal growth and development programs can immediately realise the benefit of applying new skills and disciplines to improve their personal and career capabilities. These programs help individuals identify limiting beliefs and develop new, more effective habits, communicate effectively in any situation, learn to use obstacles and challenges as opportunities, and have increased focus and application on what is important for them.

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Running your own business can be very rewarding…it can also be very frustrating for a number of reasons. Sometimes you feel you are running to stand still. Everyone is caught up in the day to day, fire firefighting and it can be difficult to see the woods from the trees.

You sometimes wish for the opportunity to stand back and critically look at what you are doing. You would love to challenge your team about what they are doing but you don’t know where to start. It is often said that “If you don’t know where you are going then any road will do”. Now it is time to plan, set objectives, assign responsibility and develop accountability in your business.

The Management Team Programme is a high impact programme for the owners and senior management teams in the S.M.E sector. The programme is heavily subsidized by the Department of Education and Skills. There are only 4 programmes left in their allocation and now is the time to sign up before the year ends.

What is the Management Team Programme?

The government received a McKinsey Report some years ago and it raised concerns that the management capability in the SME sector was beginning to fall behind our competitor countries. They responded by introducing a number of measures including the Management Team Programme.
This programme is designed specifically with the owners and senior management teams in small to medium businesses in mind. It is not theory or academic. It is practical and deals with the real issues in business. It is delivered by a team of people who have real experience in business and proven track record.

We have delivered a large number of programmes over the last number of years and some common themes have emerged.

  1. I have yet to meet any company where people complain of having too little work. Yes, people are busy but are they busy on the right things? Firefighting becomes a way of life for some people, you get a buzz from it, you create local heroes! They say every good firefighter carries around their own box of matches. The Management Team programme addresses this issue head on.
  2. The two things missing from most companies is Focus and Discipline. By this I mean that companies jump from one thing to the next. But through the programme you will discover what it is that you really need to focus on. Then you need the Discipline to follow through. The structure, the regular reviews and the Key Performance Indicators, these are some of the tools you need.
  3. You may already have regular management meetings, targets, KPI’s etc. but are they the right ones, are they getting stale. If there is a lack of energy around these items, then it is time to freshen up.
  4. You are listening to yourselves talk so much that you are no longer listening! Sometimes having the outsider come in and ask the obvious questions can be challenging. For example, one company was killing itself providing next day delivery to its customers. When I asked how many customers really need next day delivery there were very few. By changing to next day delivery by request the company freed up a huge amount of resources. Or for example which customers are your gold star customers? Which customers would you be better off without? These are challenging questions and I often meet resistance but unless the answers make sense to me then I will keep asking!
  5. The organization or structure has remained the same for some time. It can be difficult to really ask yourself if your management structure is fit for purpose. Who is contributing, who could contribute more? If we were to restructure could we optimize performance by some fresh thinking? What about succession planning or people development?

These are some of the common themes or questions addressed by the programme. There are others, some specific to individual businesses. But fundamental to the programme is asking the right questions of your management team and some questions you may not have thought of. More importantly having the courage to answer these questions honestly and having the Focus and Discipline to see things through.

If you sometimes struggle to see the woods from the trees, then this programme is for you.

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John Raftery is Senior Partner and Executive Coach at LEAP

What’s the LEAP difference?

On applying LEAP’s Organisation development programmes companies will:

• Have a menu of the most effective interventions to address your unique challenges.

• Not only have a clear Vision of the future but an action plan of how to get there.

• Finally put in place real Management Accountability through disciplined Measurement and Reporting.

• Develop a culture of Continuous Improvement built on the two pillars of People Development and Process Improvements.

• Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency & Eliminate Waste through using Lean tools and techniques.


Solution Selling Programme

Solution Selling Programme

Sell Solutions

Time to stop selling products and services, time to sell solutions.

Top salespeople provide insights and compelling perspectives on their customer’s challenges and critically how to successfully deal with those challenges.


  • Venue:

    Online and Onsite

  • Introduction Date:


  • About:

    4 Modules to be completed over 12 online sessions
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Is this programme right for you?

Do you need to step back from your day-to-day routines and take a fresh and incisive look at how you sell.

Are you ready to challenge yourself to learn and apply the latest thinking in what makes for successful sales people

Feedback from previous programs

The course was well designed, paced and held everyone’s attention, with some great informative quotations and explanations. You encouraged interaction early on and the break-out sessions helped me greatly.

I thought that perhaps the talent insight sessions may throw up some sceptics, but the buy in after receiving their results and the enthusiasm and some new found confidence in the room was evident and amazing.

We have identified areas where it will greatly help us conducting not only our sales team meetings but ongoing communication and one to ones going forward.

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