New – Hunters Sales Programme

The Hunter Sales Programme will take place over the following dates in the Carlton Hotel, Dublin, between 9.30am – 4.30pm. Workshops 1 & 2 will be delivered by Mike Gaffney, and Workshop 3 will be delivered by Tricia Cunningham.

Date Workshop
Wednesday 13th NovemberYou the Salesperson
Tuesday 26th NovemberStepping Up
Tuesday 10th DecemberUnderstand Self -Applying your Natural Strengths

The fee per participant €640, including an on-line psychometric assessment and detailed individual personality report.

1 The Need for the Hunter Sales Programme:

Progressive and resilient Irish companies continue to focus on developing best practices and professional approaches across their organisations. However, for too many businesses sales training has been limited and the impact of this is evident by the variety of skill levels demonstrated by team members.

Typically within sales team, the technical aspect of selling is strong and their ability to competently discuss products is both beneficial and required. However, for many there is poor understanding of the disciplines and process of selling. Failure to address this short-coming will prevent companies from progressing further and building on their success.  It will also make them less resilient to the economic winds of change. 

Too often in good times the development of a mindset among sales team members of being “order-takers” needs to be nipped in the bud and the understanding of what it means to be a sales person and how to deliver on that role needs to be cultivated, encouraged and bedded down.

The programme deliverables are as follows:

  1. Expand the mind-set of the sales people from technical competence to include greater ease and proficiency in selling
  2. To provide the sales people with proven approaches to enhance their existing sales activities ensuring more effective selling and a greatly increased capability to deliver a sustained and less stressful sales performance

2         The Impact:

“On behalf of our sales team I would like to thank you for the Hunter Sales Training Programme you have conducted for us over the last few months. Speaking with the teams I know they found all sessions interesting, productive, engaging and enjoyable.  Your understanding of our challenges and your ability to delve into them was outstanding.

The course was well designed, paced, and visually appealing to hold everyone’s attention, with some great and informative quotations and explanations.  You encouraged interaction early on and the break-out sessions not being too full on in terms of presentation helped that greatly.

I’m hoping it will motivate all to change or to be aware of their approach to selling and allow them to trial and cement some of the new techniques and tools you identified.

I thought that perhaps the Talent insight session may throw up some sceptics, but the buy in after receiving their results and the enthusiasm and some new found confidence in the room was evident and amazing.  

We have  identified areas where it will greatly help us conducting not only team meeting but communication and one to one’s going forward.”

John Hayes, Field Sales Manager, Allegro Limited

3         Hunters Sales Programme: Outline

The purpose of this programme is to provide the sales team with leading, practical methods of selling in a competitive environment.  There are three key deliverables:

  • Increase self-awareness and ability to successfully interact with others
  • Easily apply proven best practices in selling
  • Develop effective personal business disciplines in the areas of: improved communication, time management and assertiveness

The Hunter Sales Programme focuses on:

  • Use of the DISC psychometric testing, to provide participants with a detailed understanding of their personality type, what motivates them and how to develop a convincing approach to selling aligned with their strengths and who they are
  • Developing a readily understood and robust sales methodology for the sales team members
  • Agreeing a standard approach that will be used by each team member – develops a consistent culture
  • Increasing the confidence of each sales team member