Making Your Way Programme

(Taking Ownership for your Personal Growth and Development)

“Never has the level of change been so fast as it is now, never will it be so slow as it is now.”

Justin Trudeau, Canadian, PM

The Requirement

Challenging Times:  The traditional requirements of a job to provide for a steady income and a permanent arrangement have long gone.  The modern workforce recognise this and are embracing the new dynamic.  In this new workplace there is a greater appetite and demand for:

  • Interesting work
  • Personal growth and development
  • Developing new skills and expertise
  • Career enhancement
  • Challenging and supportive working environments

How can employers assist their people in achieving the above?  How can employers help them to determine their own personal journey; and ensure their on-going consistently strong contribution to the company.

The Making Your Way Programme:

“Times are changing and we change in them.”

Roman proverb

In our personal journey traditional career development is too: two dimensional, and too limiting.  A more expansive and active perspective is required.  The “Making Your Way Programme will give you this perspective.  Drawing on the latest findings in Positive Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience participants will learn how to:

  • Develop a Flourishing mind-set
  • Increase a Sense of Purpose in multiple areas
  • Be more aware as to how the internal voice is determining the outcome
  • Address legacy habits and develop new ones
  • Use Obstacles as Opportunities
  • Build resilience into daily life

Become the person you are meant to be.

“What is mine to do with the life I have been given.”

Edith Egar, Auschwitz survivor.

Lets help the participants find their answers.

The Format:

Two full day workshops: 9:30 to 4:30 (2 weeks apart)

At a local hotel, full refreshments and venue costs included in the price.

All programme materials provided at no extra cost.

Investment and Timeframe:

The cost per participant is €570.  Support for participants on the programme, maybe provided by a local skillnet.  Minimum number of participants is 10.


  • Dublin: Carlton Hotel Blanchardstown:  October 23rd and November 5th
  • Galway: Connacht Hotel: October 17th and October 29th