Covid-19 Supports

  • Time to Flourish
  • Building Team Engagement
  • Be Yourself ( Understand Your Personality and Motivations )
  • Management Team Consultancy ( Charting a Path Through The Crisis )


What if you could apply the latest insights from positive psychology, to your own personal development, now? 

In these challenging times, you too can train your mind to grow and develop through:

  • Having a stronger sense of purpose
  • An increased understanding of personal strengths and how best to apply them
  • Learning how to improve the connectivity to one’s own thoughts and to the wider world
  • Developing practical approaches to move from aspirational goals to achieving goals no matter how ambitious
  • Developing personal resilience, and enjoying yourself along the way


Engaged: Employees are highly involved in and enthusiastic about their work and workplace. They are psychological “owners,” drive performance and innovation, and move the organization forward.

Not engaged: Employees are psychologically unattached to their work and company. Because their engagement needs are not being fully met, they’re putting time — but not energy or passion — into their work.

Actively disengaged: Employees aren’t just unhappy at work — they are resentful that their needs aren’t being met and are acting out their unhappiness. Every day, these workers potentially undermine what their engaged co-workers accomplish.

The Organisation Pulse Survey generates an understanding of how employees feel about:

Their roles: are they stretching and interesting?

The organisation’s leaders: do they set a positive direction? Do they actively encourage high performance?

Colleagues: are they committed and do they demonstrate professionalism and high standards?

Their workload: is it manageable and stretching?

The insights generated from the survey will result in key recommendations being identified. LEAP will work with you to move the survey from theory to application.

We will work with you to determine how best to implement changes to drive employee engagement, to improve the work experience for all and ultimately to help you grow your business.


What do Google know about why some of their teams outperform their peers?

After extensive internal and external research they identified the following:

It is not who leads the team, it is not who is on the team that matters, it is how well the team interact and work together that matter. 

Working better together comes naturally when there is a greater understanding of each other, what motivates each team member and what is the in-built natural personality response for each team member.

Move from winning arguments to winning outcomes.


1) Overview of the Enneagram System and its value to individuals and teams.

2) Understanding the Nine Personality Types

4) A detailed Personality Report

3) Interpreting your Report and learning how to maximise natural strengths

5) Individual and Team follow up supports


  • Understand the value of different personalities for effective teamwork
  • Recognise their own personality type and appreciate its strengths
  • Determine ways to maximise the strengths of their type to enhance their contributions to the team
  • Understand their “blind spot” and the negative impact it has on themselves and others
  • Identify actions to manage their “blind spot” to limit its negative impact
  • Recognise the personality traits of other team members and how to work effectively with that type

This programme includes a pre-programme assessment, individual report and 3 online modules.


LEAP will be available for up to two and a half days to work with Management Teams on a one-to-one or a one -to-one team consultancy basis.

Our focus will be on helping your company to strategically plan a path through the difficult challenges that COVID-19 has posed for the business community, and to help you get your company on a sound footing for the future.

A member of the LEAP team will talk through issues related to the COVID19 and/or support the development of the site’s Contingency planning or Business Continuity Planning.

This support can include creating a safe space to discuss issues, challenges and anxieties during this difficult period. It can also provide an opportunity to continue improvement initiatives, advance projects or address issues that were outstanding before the crisis hit.

LEAP as the exclusive provider of the futureSME visual strategic framework –  (which greatly eases the development and implementation of company strategies) are looking forward to deploying this engaging and rigorous methodology with your team.